Christmas Revels ~ December 2017

Photos by David Bazemore   ·   Click the images for a larger view

Sailors singing on their way to Santa Barbara.

Dancing in the De la Guerra Courtyard

Comandante makes introductions.

A song in honor of the bride and groom

Dana and sailors meet the De la Guerra family.

The family do a dance for their guests.

Audience members sing “7 swans a-swimming,

5 golden rings,

2 turtle doves,

and a partridge in a pear tree.”

Children sing “Fum, Fum, Fum”.

Maria worries about wedding preparations and the wedding cake.

Song: “Riu, Riu”

The audience joins the cast singing “Joy to the World”.

Song: “Las Posadas”

Song & Dance: “La Varsouviana”

Song: “Noche Sta’ Serena”

Anita and Robinson anticipating the wedding.

Antonia and Dana talk about sweethearts.

Song: “La Vez Primera”

A toast to bride and groom

The captain sings “Lord of the Dance”

Everyone joins in “Lord of the Dance”

A Chumash story-teller entertains the children.

The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance


Song: “Las Blancas Flores”

Teasing Antonia about Dana

The sailors join in singing Kyrie “Misa Viscaina”

The audience sings “Dona Nobis Pacem”

Dance: “La Cachucha”

The children sing “El Gallo Copetón”

Anita and Robinson talk about joining of traditions.

Antonia explains the hat tradition to Dana.

“If the lady accepts the offer of the hat, he has the right to escort her this evening. If she throws it off, he is on his own!”

The Mummers’ Play begins

Davy Jones

The Young Sailor


Davy Jones gets the sailor drunk and delivers him to the sea siren.


The sea monster

The sailor fights the sea monster.

The sea monster dies.

The swordsmen come next.

The swordsmen circle the young sailor.

The young sailor is left for dead.

The doctor tries to revive the sailor.

Three mermaids bring the sailor back to life.

“I once was dead but now I live. Blessed be those who succor give.”

“Our play is done, we must be gone.”

Maria is delighted that the ship’s cook will make the wedding cake for her.

Dana says “I will be recording all these wonderful memories in my journal.”

Bidding the sailors farewell


“The Shortest Day”

“Sussex Mummers’ Carol”

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